Phoenix Staking

Welcome to the Phoenix Stake Pool!

Pool ID: aae9be46187fb2555b595840a3256e91142890e8301ee991581b7160

What is Phoenix Staking?

Phoenix Staking is a stake pool for the Cardano crypto network. Cardano ADA holders can stake their cryptocurrency holdings to our "pool" of cryptocurrency and earn rewards from the Cardano network itself. There is actually no risk in this because of the way the Cardano network was designed. Stakeholders participating in a stake pool never actually lose custody of their cryptocurrency; rather, they are simply declaring their "membership" to a pool of other Cardano ADA investors, and earning rewards from it.

What is staking

Staking is the process of delegating your cryptocurrency (in this case ADA) to a stakepool to help support the network the blockchain operates on. This is only the case for blockchains that are Proof of Stake systems. In many cases, the network itself will reward holders for staking their crypto. It should be mentioned that there is absolutely no risk. You cannot lose any cryprocurrency by staking in a stakepool, you can only gain some.

Why stake with Phoenix?

We are a fairly new pool with admittedly little resources pooled together. This makes it less likely for the Cardano network to select our stakepool to produce the next block. However, this is actually our strength. Where larger pools can offer consistent returns of 5%, smaller pools with less capital and less investors actually make substantially greater returns for their stakers, because the reward given by the Cardano network will be distributed between fewer people and more equally. This can result in ROA (Return on ADA) of sometimes 100% or more. What's more is we are an egalitarian pool. Minus pool maintenance fee required by the Cardano network, all rewards will be distributed to stakeholders with no preference or differentiation for the stakepool operators. Below are our pool stats so you can see for yourself.

Margin fee:

This is the percentage of the reward claimed by the stakepool operators before distributing it to others


Maintenance fee:

The ADA required by the Cardano network taken from the rewards to support the operation of the stakepool

340 ADA